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This new generation of AC drives demonstrates the expertise and knowhow of Schneider Electric with respect to AC drives. Exceptional flexibility, advanced functions and a high level of customization, while always keeping the emphasis on simplicity. Open to many communication networks, the Altivar 61 drive provides ingenious solutions for all your HVAC fan and pump requirements.

Manage and monitor your building

The Altivar drive defines ease of use for variable speed drives used in centrifugal pump and fan applications offering the highest level of features, functions and flexibility. Its evolutionary design will reduce installation and start-up time while offering reliable operation, simple diagnostics and energy efficiency.

Value Proposition

Reduce energy costs by reducing motor speed.
Improve up-time by providing superior voltage dip ride through.
Improve indoor air quality and occupant comfort through accurate flow control.
Reduce life cycle costs of the installation by eliminating mechanical shock to belts and motors.
Reduce installations costs by eliminating throttling valves or inlet guide vanes typically used to control flow, offering internal connection to major building networks and with quick and simple installation.

Switch Gears & Motor Control Centre (MCC)

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From medium voltage switchgear and transformers to energy automation, we deliver specific solutions for utilities, oil and gas, mining, data centers, and critical buildings, covering all power distribution needs for energy management.

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SCADAPack™ Smart RTUs

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SCADAPack™ Smart RTUs combine the monitoring and communication capabilities of a remote terminal unit (RTU) with the processing and data-logging power of a programmable logic controller (PLC). SCADAPack Smart RTUs are perfect wherever remote processes require automatic supervision and autonomous control. The SCADAPack data logger connects battery-powered, autonomous monitoring and GSM networking to provide low-cost, low-maintenance monitoring of highly dispersed assets.

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Solar Inverter

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