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Our Leading-edge terminal Automation System

Advance terminal monitoring from the global leader in terminal automation System
terminal automation System


  • Share real-time inventory data with customers, partners, and company headquarters to meet differing demands
  • Monitor safety systems, such as fire detection, ESD, vapor control, overfill, and ground connection control systems.
  • An open system supports any tank gauging vendor, helping you gain a real-time view of your inventory.
  • Interface with DTN TABS® for lifting controls and real-time electronic bills of lading.
  • Real-time terminal loading statuses by load station and meter.
  • Dashboard view of all product tanks, including levels and temperatures.


  • Terminal status view gives you real-time control, including alarm processing.
  • Custom card reader prompts improve efficiency, reducing load time.
  • Empower customers to run their own activity reports with secure electronic access to their proprietary data.
  • TView inventory by shipper, stockholder, tank, product and tracking code.

PlantStruxure PES

The first DCS designed for the reality of modern day production
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Short Overview.

Introducing PlantStruxure PES, the next generation Distributed Control system (DCS) from Schneider electric that brings together the advantages of both worlds to uniquely address your modern needs.

The hybrid design of PlantStruxure PES combines the ease and openness of PLC/SCADA with the integration, single database and powerful diagnostics of a traditional DCS. Result? An innovative and energy-aware DCS that meets the demands of modern production facilities and delivers on growing energy management requirements.

Powerful, scalable controller platform

PlantStruxure PES supports a range of controllers to meet your process needs. The controller platforms are modular, scalable and redundant, with the ability to add or remove hardware online.

The controllers support a full range of input and output modules, along with dedicated communication and fieldbus modules, motor control and connection to rotating machines, electrical, power or smart devices and instrumentation.

The new Modicon M580 is more than a simple PAC. It is the world’s first ePAC, with native Ethernet built right into its core.


Value Proposition

A powerful and scalable controller platform

PES supports a range of controllers to meet different process needs: the controller platforms are modular, scalable and redundant, with the ability to add or remove hardware online.

Reduced Engineering Time

PES offers an all-in-one configuration functionality, allowing faster system design from a single point of data entry reduce engineering by up to 25%.

Unique Energy Management Features

PES offers integrated energy management to your process and achieve energy savings up to 30%.

Smart process intelligence for your teams

Operators will have all data at their fingertips for better insights and process optimization, and maintenance teams can diagnose and solve problems faster to reduce downtime.


Multi-phase measurement in the upstream oil & gas industry

Metering Skid package

  • Batch Controller
  • Mass Flow Meter
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Flow Control Valve
  • Grounding and Over Spill Device
  • In-Line Strainer
  • Loading Arm & Vapor Return Line
  • Biodiesel Metering Skid & Equipment
  • Equipment Service & Troubleshooting


Unequalled flexibility

Designed for the management of simple automation systems, the new generation of Zelio Logic smart relays provides you with considerable gains from the design stage to the monitoring of your applications due to its flexibility and simplicity.


  • Simple to select, install and program, Zelio Logic is suitable for all your applications.
  • Flexible, it offers you the choice of 2 ranges – Compact, monobloc or Modular, extendable – and 2 programming languages (FBD or LADDER).
  • Open, it also enables the control and monitoring of your installations in any situation, either on site or remotely, etc.


  • Building industry: control systems for small machines, decentralised control systems on equipment annexed to large and mediumsized machines.
  • Building/Service sector: lighting management, access control, control and monitoring, heating and air conditioning control.