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Foxboro (Malaysia) markets a range of control systems for most industries from our intelligent automation products to instrumentation and SCADA systems. Foxboro (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd’s employees support Foxboro’s entire process control products including Design, Engineering, Fabrication, Integration, Commissioning, Training and Maintenance.

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07-January-2019 / Schneider Electric Pressure Transmitters.

Schneider Electric is pleased to announce the launch of the multi-tiered pressure transmitter line, which allows customers to optimize their investments without compromising quality and capitalizing on their investments. This revolutionary transmitter was designed to make our customers’ process more profitable by providing the opportunity to select a multi-tier transmitter offering at the best performance/price ratio for their application, with the added value to reduce inventory compared with a competitive offer. In addition, these transmitters have TÜV Safety SIL2 certification standard. Schneider Electric patented FoxCal dynamic technology, including 11 calibration curves in 1 transmitter, allows the pressure transmitter to transition automatically to the best calibration curve based on the transmitter’s input. Accuracy has been improved to the best level on the market with an accuracy expressed as a percent of reading. To guarantee an easy integration in your system, Schneider Electric pressure transmitters have been tested in dedicated interoperability laboratories; and, as a key parameter for predictive maintenance, two time clocks have been integrated to keep track of the number of days the transmitter has been in service in the field.

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FOXBORO's reliability as a committed player in the industrial sector is proven with its LifeTime Maintenance Services, LifeTime Performance Services and LifeTime achieving 99.9999% perfection, or zero defect.

Boost, we have a perpetual link to Fox Watch, our remote diagnosis service provider, through which we must be enabled to act deftly with the proper equipment and appropriate manpower.

Our Strengths

FOXBORO Malaysia thrives in the areas of engineering and customer service. Our local technical support has grown strength-to-strength in terms of our knowledge and expertise in the area of of Intelligent Plant Automation and Solutions, as well as Building Automation Solutions.

In A Nutshell

In terms of FOXBORO Malaysia's track record, we have gained a sound reputation with our Main Instrument Vendor (MIV) concept based on our ISO 9001 Certification. Along with our sound physical set up, we take pride in our reliable after-sales service team of qualified engineers and our fast response to demanding situations. FOXBORO Malaysia is a tried, tested and true merger of Intelligent Automation Solutions and Customer Satisfaction, reliant on 100% localized technical expertise.